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lusete is raising £300 for Safer Places
Why does she stay? Why does she let him treat her like that? Why doesn't she leave? Questions that many people often ask... The answer is simple, because we do not realise there is an alternative. We think it is completely normal and very often we are also scared. It takes a lot of courage to say 'No, enough is enough' and an awful lot of education and learning to understand and realise how wrong domestic abuse is. Domestic abuse is not just about violence, but also about the emotional control. Usually when it reaches the violent stage, the woman is already conditioned into thinking there is no way out. Safer Places helped me through the most difficult time of my life. In my case violence only happened on the very last stage and it is when my eyes were truly opened. Many other women suffer in silence, scared of saying anything, showing anything or even making that first step towards freedom. So why have I decided to help Safer Places? In many occasions I said that climbing Snowdon would be an easier journey than the journey I was going through. Climbing a mountain not only takes fitness and health, it also takes a lot of stamina of the mind to be strong enough to keep going to the top. Therefore I am climbing Snowdon and helping the charity that helped me in return. Taking the journey to freedom takes a lot of determination and stamina. Some of you may think it is easy... what you do not realise is that I am a seriously lazy couch potato! Clicking a mouse is all the exercise as I get... plus the walk to the fridge and back to the sofa. Therefore, my pledge is to climb Snowdon and raise money for Safer Places. Please help me support all those women in the journey to freedom, they need all the support that Safer Places provides in order to leave the emotional, mind and sometimes violent abuse. When am I climbing Snowdon? Monday 30th June 2014 Feel free to share this page and help me raise as much money as possible!


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