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CES Warming Communities


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‘CES Warming communities was set up to relieve poverty and preserve and protect health by promoting the efficient use of energy (including energy for heating purposes) among persons in the South and South East of England who are in necessitous circumstances including (without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) those in such circumstances who are elderly, or whose housing conditions are unsatisfactory or who are deemed to be disadvantaged economically or socially, by making grants to organisations that achieve these stated aims

To advance public education in the South and South East of England about all aspects of energy conservation and the efficient use of energy, by making grants to community organisations that achieve these stated aims, as agreed by the trustees’

If you want to pay back for the carbon emissions you are creating in your personal life, and do not want to subscribe to or are unable to subscribe to formal carbon offsetting projects, we encourage you to contribute to the projects that we support.

You can calculate your carbon emissions here

The average carbon price in the UK in December 2022 was £69 per tonne - more details here:

You could use the carbon calculator & price above to assess how much you would like to contribute. As we are not a formal scheme, there are average and informal calculations to enable people to take informal action to make good some of the emissions emitted as part of modern life.

In 2023 the projects that we will be supporting are:

- Energy champions and Fuel poverty outreach

- The Sussex Kelp Regeneration Project


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