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I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable cancer of the bone marrow, in 2014. I'm about to have a second autologous stem cell transplant (using my own cancer-free cells) as part of the treatment. This is not a cure, but is thought to prolong remission. I've been lucky enough to benefit from the work of Myeloma UK, which drives research into new treatments and negotiates to make them available to NHS patients. Fifteen years ago, average life expectancy was just 3-5 years, but with the new immunotherapies it's more like 8, and some people live quite a bit longer. I would love it if you could donate however much you feel you can - every little helps! - to Myeloma UK, and send me a quick message here. I've been shielding for four months now, and I'll have to continue to isolate for the foreseeable future; I'm doing OK, but am not exactly looking forward to the next couple of weeks, and this would cheer me up no end. Also, if I can persuade anyone to sign up to the stem cell donor register, that would be fantastic. See what's involved at


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Myeloma UK informs and supports people affected by myeloma - an increasingly common form of bone marrow cancer. Myeloma UK also helps imp...