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The Community Of Grace


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Providing a safe place for people who have been homeless.

Community of Grace attempts to create and sustain something like home and family (or household and community) with and for men who have long since lost their own home, or even never really had one, and to keep up that attempt with each individual man for as long as he needs.

Each Fellow who chooses to stay at Community of Grace's accommodation works with the Companions to make his own life better and pledges to help others do the same. By 'better' we mean better physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Community of Grace is open to all who want to work in this way, regardless their financial situation ie. you do not need to be in receipt of public funds.

Community of Grace is not a hotel, boarding house or a business for customers to use; it is not a hostel or an accommodation provider. It is a community of people who were once homeless and now wish to make Community of Grace their home, whether for a long or short period of time.


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