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Compassion, now more than ever, is key to the world’s recovery from Covid-19. Will you join us and invest in making 2021 a kinder future?

A message from our Patron, Joanna Lumley OBE.

2021 has huge potential. The potential for our children to be less isolated, less anxious and more compassionate as they forge a ‘new normal’ following the pandemic.

We were already living at a time where politics, lifestyle and economics had created global crises of health, deep divisions and conflict in our society. Fear, anger and intolerance were prominent in our public narrative. In this environment, children were facing increasingly challenging futures.

Along came Covid-19, adding to an already burgeoning epidemic of anxiety, isolation and other mental health issues amongst young people. There is a critical need now to help the next generation manage their emotions, develop social skills and build the capacity to be kind and resilient.

Evidence proves that showing children what compassion is, and inspiring them to lead compassionate lives, will build a better future.

Compassion is increasingly understood by neuroscientists, psychologists and educationalists as one of the keys to human flourishing, leading to improved wellbeing, confidence, resilience and social engagement. Over 6,300 children in 20 countries have now taken our Compassion Matters ethical and emotional learning course, delivered across educational charities, after school clubs, Pupil Referral Units and schools for children with additional needs.

Through Compassion Matters’ resources, pupils learn resilience, kindness and positive values, which have been proven to help them flourish.

So many more children deserve to learn and cultivate these tools and values in 2021 and beyond – in fact, we have identified a further 40,000 children across the UK who would benefit from Compassion Matters over the next three years: that’s at schools in every county.

2021 could be a turning-point for compassion and for our children’s futures.

Naomi, a Year 5 pupil,* took Compassion Matters during 2020: ‘I really enjoyed it… I’m trying to act kinder to others than I was before.”

We need kinder kids like Naomi and kinder communities, for a better future. This December, please donate to help put compassion on the curriculum next year.

Our resources are free for all schools and educational groups, but it costs £80,000 per year to develop and deliver our educator-approved content, and to continue supporting schools and teachers to get compassion on the curriculum.

* £5 gives one pupil the opportunity to experience the Compassion Matters course. * £50 helps train a teacher to deliver Compassion Matters to primary-aged children. * £150 allows one class to follow a year's-worth of Compassion Matters modules. * £500 helps towards our project to research, produce and disseminate new, educator-approved module for children on coping with Suffering and Resilience in the aftermath of Covid.

Please join us this December and help us keep developing compassionate values in classrooms. Together, #letsmakecompassionmatter.

Compassion Matters: A compassion education project from the Dalai Lama Centre for Compassion, UK Registered charity

P.S. It costs c.£80,000 per year to research, develop, produce, and disseminate values-based materials, alongside training and partnering with schools and educators. Whatever you can give will be hugely appreciated and will be key to our work in 2021.

*Quotes anonymised. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our feedback and impact assessment.



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