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raised of £1,000,000 target from 23 people

Connor Ramsay is raising £1,000,000 for Active Training and Education (ATE)
The sun rises on a bucolic country scene. Sheep graze, cows lazily arise from their night of hard drinking at the pub and a teenage boy rides his bike on his paper round as he blows hair out of his eyes. Suddenly the sound of an electric guitar strumming a single C chord pierces through the calming bird song. A man walks with purpose down a country lane towards the camera he wears poorly fitted black chinos, a bright blue back pack and a Mario T-shirt. Giant metallic lettering slams onto screen beneath his feet. CONNOR RAMSAY WALKS That's right. 88 miles, 88 hours. Nothing will stop me, I am the eye of the tiger! Beginning the walk in Gloucestershire my shoes shall grace the floors of at least four Great British Counties (I think anyway) I shall sleep for no fewer than 18 hours of the journey, my voice shall be heard by millions as I sing proudly into the valleys of the West Midlands. But why? Many have asked the question: Galileo, Curie, Watson & Crick. My answer? Philanthropy. If you've known me since I was 17.5 years old then I have most likely talked to you at some point about ATE, the charity I volunteer for every year for at least a week and often more. ATE run holidays in the summer for children from different backgrounds. To be able to do that they raise money to sponsor children from families who wouldn't normally be able to afford it. On the holiday the children play games, sing songs, make friends, run around, put on silly voices and get to make long lasting positive memories of childhood. I despise asking people for money but ATE do amazing work and I want more children to be able to go on their holidays. Some have said the £1,000,000 target is unrealistic but I believe in the fundraising power of my friends, family and occasional board game opponents. REWARDS! Donate money to get a reward! £10 - I will send you a handwritten postcard from the walk. £15 - To write 'I ' on a gate in chalk. £30 - I will shout your name from the highest point of the walk (with video proof). £30 - I will whisper your name from the lowest point of the walk. £35 - We will produce a human sculpture of a scene of your choice. £40 - For a recording of me, Patrick, Liam, Anthony and Stefan performing your favourite ATE song. (Quality not guaranteed) £50 - For a recording of us performing ANY song. £75 - Access to a secret video project from the walk. £200 - A whole day of walking in a dress (outfit should be provided). £500,000 - I will give you a piggy back for one whole day of the walk. £1,000,000 - I will give you a piggy back for the entire four day walk.


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