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As the Cost-Of-Living-Crisis worsens, many in our community will struggle to put food on the table and keep their homes warm. Often, they will have to choose between the two – a situation which causes incredible stress and anxiety. This can lead to a reliance on unmanageable debt and sometimes, force people into dangerous situations. As demand for our service continues to grow and be impacted by the current Crisis, we want to be there for every Shetlander asking for help.

Your donation is more than just money.

It helps people harmed by crime and conflict understand their feelings and talk about the pain they may have experienced. Your gift could help us provide 1-2-1 specialist, emotional support allowing them to heal, recover and move forward in their lives.

Your gift could help facilitate the healing process by providing craft materials encouraging the making and gifting of things. We know that is often easier to open up when your mind is focused on a task in front of you resulting in more honest and unguarded conversations. The bench photographed at the top of the page is an example of work created with Space2face.

‘I just wanted to take this moment to put on record my incredible thanks to yourself [Clair] and Alyson for your help, support and kindship over the past 10 months. If anybody had told me a year ago that I would be looking back on this experience positively and with fondness, I'd have asked them what their next joke would be. It was very difficult a year ago to think of anything positive that may have come from any of this, but yet a year on I feel many things, including happiness, fulfilment, achievement, and that I have managed to, with a big help from all involved, turn what was definitely a negative for all involved into something that people may be able to use as a learning tool for the future.’ – Person Responsible reflecting on their experience with Space2face.

You could be the reason that someone gets their smile back, their confidence back, their self-belief back.

‘It benefits mental health massively & I've made some amazing friends. It's taken us out of our comfort zone & enabled me to live a normal life by being able to leave my house alone without fears’ - Space2face’s ‘Phenomenal Women’ group member

Your donation is more than just money, your donation changes lives.

Thank you!

£9 could fund our office rental costs for one day.

£29 could fund the art materials required during one case.

£65 could fund one client session with a trained Restorative Jutsice facilitator.

Footnote: We make this invitation to give with the greatest sensitivity, mindful of the increasing financial pressures facing us all. Our work means we are acutely aware of the cost of living crisis so please do not feel any pressure to give beyond your means. We of course, welcome the generosity of those who are in a position to give.

If you cannot give today, would you instead, consider sharing our appeal and helping us reach those who may want to give or who could benefit from our work.



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Space2face Shetland is an independent and confidential service which uses Restorative Justice and the arts to bring those harmed by crime...