It's Blood Cancer Awareness Month until Thursday 1st October

Donna Burns


raised from 72


As most of you who are visiting this page will already know, the objective of setting it up is to help former work colleague and friend Donna Burns. Donna has worked within our industry for over 20 years, until very recently when she had to leave. One of the reasons for her departure was to take care of her husband Pat, whom many of you also knew. Pat was diagnosed with cancer last year. Unfortunately Pat lost his battle with cancer this week. As you will all understand, this is a very hard time for Donna both emotionally and I am sure financially. Patrick and Donna had two young girls together, Monique and Monet. This page was setup as a gesture and a means for her friends and colleagues, to try and ease the financial burden at such a sad time. So please do give what you can. Donna is not aware of this fundraising page, but will be informed and given access once all monies have been raised, so please do feel free to leave a message for Donna and her family with your donation.

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