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Craig Appleby is raising $100 for Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK
During RAG week, the anime committee will be taking part in Cosplay all week, during lectures, our own free time and anime sessions. This should be entertaining during straight laced Accounting lectures. This will take place 2 weeks post RAG week. The suggestions will close on Sunday the 22nd. If you want to see me as a particular character, then please donate. Part of the sponsorship will go towards making the costume, but I'm leaving the percentage up to you. Leave a comment after donating stating exactly who or what you'd like to see me as, along with the amount you've donated as well as what amount I may use towards the costume. it could be anything from 0% to 100% of the donation. Whatever it is, it will help go towards a good cause. I will only be doing one cosplay for the week, precendance will eb given to the character/thing that achieves the highest total donations, so the more you want me to be that for the week, the more you should donate. If one person donates 50 towards me being Rock (Black Lagoon) but 4 people donate 15 each and request Welkin (Valkyria chronicles) Then Welkin will be the winner. Sadly this is only a priority, if the cosplay can't be performed or completed, then the next one in the list will be taken on. LIMITATIONS To a certain extent, I'm willing to cosplay as anything, PC limiting of course. The only rule I'm putting in is if a woman wins, I will be cosplaying as the gender swapped version. (The prime example being if Hatsune Miku Wins, I cosplay as the Hatsune Mikuo) There is one exception, but I won't tell you the character that would have me cosplay as a woman. If she wins, then I'll dress as her. Good luck and God bless if you think you can figure out who it is. I'm putting a budget of around 70 towards the outfit. I'll do the best I can to achieve your aspirations so give me your best. CHALLENGE During the week there will be a separate challenge for me as well. A sponsored silence, which, considering I'm a chatter box at the best of times, is going to be a challenge in itself. Every time I speak, I have to pay a forfeit of 20p towards our RAG fundraising.


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The Bobby Moore Fund was set up in partnership with Cancer Research UK to raise money for bowel cancer research in memory of legendary fo...