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Unlocking the potential of refugees and migrants in London.

ELATT helps migrants and refugees in London become part of our community and achieve their full potential.

Now that there are more people who have been forced from their homes than at any time since the Second World War, it is vital that we welcome those who arrive in the UK seeking sanctuary and a better life. Many fantastic initiatives have developed recently to provide emergency crisis relief to refugees, and our role is to ensure that support does not end with food and shelter.

We work with our migrant and refugee students in the long term, helping them adapt to life in a new country by learning our language, growing a network of friends and mentors, understanding British culture and developing their digital and job skills. Community engagement is a central to our courses. Our students:
- discover history on museum visits
- volunteer at local charities
- develop their numeracy at our neighbourhood fruit and veg market
- receive mentoring with job coaches from the City of London
- and even get their heads around our sense of humour at the Christmas panto!

Our waiting list is now longer than ever, so we are seeking funding to expand the number of courses we provide. If you donate:
£8.80, we could cover travel costs for one learner for a week
£17.95, we could buy an additional English photo dictionary
£60, we could buy an entry level smartphone for one of our learners to continue their studies at home
£150, we could buy tickets for a class to attend the Hackney Christmas panto this year
£2000, we could pay for one tutor to deliver a 12 week course

We know that many of those who arrive on ELATT’s doorstep have completed an unthinkable journey that required perseverance, courage and immense resourcefulness. We are confident that with the right support, they will be able to use their skills to build a better life for themselves, and a better society for all of us.


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