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Elodie has an Innowalk for 3 weeks on loan and in that time she is going to attempt to get to 20,000 steps to try and raise as much money to reach the goal of £16,000 to buy one! Elodie was born with a brain injury resulting in numerous disabilities such as quadriplegic Cerebral palsy, epilepsy and CVI. The NHS provide very very little (one item) to give her the potential of reaching any milestones. We fund all of her therapies, physio, chiro, speech and language, DMI, vision and hearing privately! Elodie turned 2 last week and is at the age where she should be on her feet and running around. We hope to get her to that milestone, but we need your help! Made to movement have loaned us an Innowalk which is a stander that has a motor facility to move her legs to mimic walking. The benefit of the Innowalk include enabling Elodie to become more physically active, stimulate gross motor function, improve physical and emotional well-being as well as reducing the risk of negative health outcomes by improving her hips and spinal structure and help her lungs. Our loan is only for 3 weeks and after that the only option we have is to buy one! They are £16,000!!! So in the next 3 weeks she will be using her walker daily to try and get to 20,000 steps this is a big goal for Elodie who until this month had never taken a step. If you can sponsor her to help us reach our target so when this goes back we can continue her goal of walking by buying her own Innowalk. Thank you Love from Elodie and Tasha xx


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Elodie’s arrival into the world came seven weeks premature in 2021, and she endured the toughest of starts to life as a result of medical...