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Welcome to my Givey page
Free the Flow has been working with an amazing organisation called Project Gambia in an effort to combat period poverty facing many communities in The Gambia. Our campaign, For Now and For Life, is the centre of our collaboration, where we are working to develop sustainable solutions to period poverty in The Gambia. However, now more than ever, our commitment is not exclusive to periods and in light of the COVID-19 crisis, we will work tirelessly to support these communities who are in desperate need. Many of the families live hand to mouth normally and now, faced with the crisis, have little to no income, quoting 'hunger will hit them before COVID-19.’ Project Gambia is organising emergency food packages for families in The Gambia lasting two months. They include : - 25kg of rice - 5kg bag of beans - 5 litres of oil - A packet of soap Each package costs £33, hence our ‘3’ challenge! So thank you so much for your donation- you have helped make a big difference! All of the donations go towards these essential food packages.