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The Townsend Family Townsend is raising $375 for Family Support Work
William, Emily and Poppy Townsend are abseiling down the cliffs at Peacehaven on 20th September 2014. They are doing this to help support the charity Family Support Works (FSW) to launch itself into the next 125 years of its life. FSW is 125 years old in 2015, and to mark the start of this special year the Lewes and Seaford Deanery has organised this abseiling fundraiser. We want to shout about the work the organisation has done for more than a century! Starting with Victorians, to Edwardians to the new Elizabethans the FSW has been helping the families of Sussex for the last 125 years. Please give generously to help ensure that FSW is available to help make a real difference to the quality of family life in Sussex over the next 125 years!


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FSW helps families over Sussex overcome difficult periods in their lives with positive, emotional and practical advice. Our free and con...