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Ferryhill Parish Church


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A Kirk For All In Ferryhill

We are the local parish church for the Ferryhill area in Aberdeen, Scotland. We are a part of the Church of Scotland and our overall purpose is to be a vital witness to Christ Jesus by: • making worship the central feature of the life of congregation and parish, • developing understanding of the Christian faith, • enhancing and strengthening an inclusive fellowship so that all feel they belong and have a part to play, • responding in relevant and practical ways to the needs of congregation and parish, • and contributing directly and indirectly to the wider work of the Church at home and abroad.

This statement was adopted by the Kirk Session as encouragement to the congregation to see that it exists not simply for itself but to serve the parish in which we worship.

Please support us as we seek to fulfil that purpose to be a "Kirk for All In Ferryhill".

Ferryhill Parish Church of Scotland is registered in Scotland as a charity (SC010756).


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