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Target Fundraise - £500 (£1,000 following my 1-to-1 match)!
On the 3rd of June I will be racing in a Sprint Triathlon at Blenheim Castle. The race involves a 750m swim, 20km bike ride followed by a 5.4km run. This being my second Sprint Triathlon race, I have decided to fundraise for a worthy cause which, if of interest, I summarise below. Race results (for mocking purposes) to follow shortly after the event! About The Melinda Fundraiser This year I will be racing my second triathlon for a very worthy cause. Melinda is a Filipino national who has dedicated her life as a maid/care-taker of children (including myself) and the elderly in various locations around the world (including Singapore, Italy, and Malta). In doing so, and like many of her co-nationals who take on similar jobs, Melinda sacrificed years of her life away from her family - her husband and 2 children back at home - returning at times only annually or even longer. Melinda did so in an altruistic way to try and guarantee a future and education for her children. This fundraise is aimed specifically at paying the ongoing tuition fees for Melinda’s eldest son, who is currently enrolled at the University of Manila, a gesture which will help towards seeing Melinda’s dream of having her children have equal educational opportunities as the many children she cared for in the years have had accomplished. Any donations welcome – no amount too little - I will be matching all donations on a 1-to-1 basis, so right there with you!

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