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Framing Futures Window Appeal

Fleetwood Trust purchased the Freehold of Fleetwood Hospital on 22nd November 2018, a 60,000 sq. ft building, from Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Trust. The Outpatient’s Department remains in operation and is leased back to the NHS on a 10-year lease. The Outpatients is 25% of the building, the remainder of the building has been left derelict for the last 8 years.

The roof in the 3-storey block has been leaking for several years, due to its dilapidated state. A substantial roof repair project has been completed at a cost of £200k and the building is now watertight.

The Fleetwood Trust's purpose is to create a Community Hub 'To Empower the Community of Fleetwood to Improve their lives and Reach their Full Potential'. The specific details are not yet finalised and The Trust will be flexible based on the community need. It is likely to include:

›› 32 Bed Intermediate Care Ward operated by the NHS – patients leaving Victoria Hospital but not well enough to go home

›› Community Kitchen and Dining space – Meals, Food Bank, Cooking Lessons etc

›› Community Space – where all are welcome simply to be and connect with others in the community.

›› Quiet Space / Chapel / Reading Rooms

›› Job Seeking Support – CV, Interview skills, clothes supply, showers

›› Financial Support – Benefits, Budgeting, Mortgages, Debt etc

›› Life Skills – DIY, Landlords / Leases etc

›› Activity Space – Gym, Art, Dance, Yoga, Games etc

›› Meeting Rooms – for many purposes to assist people or where any organisation can meet

›› Youth facilities

›› Business Incubator – a place where entrepreneurs in the town can develop and establish new businesses that will create jobs.

This project has the backing of the Prince's Foundation and is the North West choice of Prince Charles for his '7 for 70', 7 community projects to celebrate his 70th birthday.

The next job is to replace all 162 windows on the building at a cost of £1,000 per window that includes removal of the old windows and installation on the new windows supported by high-lift equipment.

We need your help, please support us by sponsoring a window through our new Framing Futures Appeal.


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