Food Behind Bars


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We're Food Behind Bars. We believe that food has the power to transform lives. We work with prisons on the subject of food - to improve the lives of those eating it and support the people making it. Our aim is to positively impact the health and wellbeing of prisoners, by delivering practical food education, promoting healthy eating and designing exciting food and drink initiatives which are delivered in men's and women's prisons across England & Wales.

We work with prisons on a bespoke basis, co-designing original initiatives that enable them to champion wholesome, tasty and exciting food. Our work is shaped around each unique establishment and united by our philosophy of wholesome food for everyone in society.

Our projects span every aspect of food in prison - from working with catering teams on new menus and recipes to building kitchen gardens, establishing bakeries and supporting individuals into employment in the hospitality industry. Our work has been featured by The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, BBC Two, Metro, British Vogue and many more.