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Dana Costin is raising £5,000 for ROLDA UK
Help 200 dogs fight hunger in Romania! Food is a principal resource for our activity. We need food for 200 of the total of 630 dogs from large shelter, which have no sponsor. In addition we need food for small shelter’ dogsand cats but also the emergency aid food for the social program addressed to poor community which we make efforts to sustain to look after their pets responsibly, to keep them healthy and avoid dogs being abandonment. Help 200 dogs fight hunger in Romania! Help the poor community’s pets stay healthy! For 7 years our team struggled to keep the highest standards for the animals and it might sound simple…but I don’t know how many others could do it! ROLDA didn’t comment about the “bad economy” excuse when the steel plant refused to build running spaces for the dogs to exercise. ROLDA alone faced all the harsh criticism due to lack of running spaces, but with the help of supporters we managed to start building the first 20 running spaces in 2015. In 2016, the steel plant reduced the payment for the dogs collected from their premises …and again with 20% An irresponsible attitude and a behavior close to animal abuse have nothing to do with “bad economy”. It is known that those who abuse animals, are also abusing, one way or another, people too…ROLDA made enormous efforts to show understanding and empathy toward all the economical excuses raised by the steel plant over the years, but our main goal is animals’ welfare. And when enough is enough, we must find the dignity and power to speak up and demand justice! We are extremely worried for the future of our dogs but also for the 1,500 dogs (estimated by the steel plant management) which continue to live inside the company premises. ROLDA is denied to continue helping those dogs…but we simply can’t forget what happened in the past when “accidental” poisoning or a massive slaughter put an end in the most brutal and despicable way to countless dogs’ lives.


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There are an estimated 2.5 million stray street dogs in Romania. This is by far the worst overpopulation of dogs in all the Eastern and ...