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International charity that save abused animals in Romania.

There are an estimated 2.5 million stray street dogs in Romania. This is by far the worst overpopulation of dogs in all the Eastern and Southern European countries. ROLDA is an international charity, incorporated in USA, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, UK and Romania, with active groups of supporters around the World. In Romania, we choose to operate in a village near Galati, (the 5th largest town of Romania) in the poorest region of the country. The rate of unemployment makes for a hard living for people and their companion or farm animals. It is ROLDA’s belief that each dog belongs in a family. Therefore, we rescue street (semi wild) dogs, provide them quality sheltering, professional medical care, sterilization, regular vet visits, and rehabilitation when needed to transform each dog (even the most shy, wild ones) into safe loving pets.

From a small local NGO with an annual income of 3,000 EUR to present: ROLDA transformed rapidly into an international charity with supporters, volunteers worldwide and an income 100% higher. Briefly, 10 years of intense activity in Romania can resume to:

- Built from ground up from private donations, 2 modern dogs shelters; - 700 dogs in our daily care; - 6,000 dogs sterilized - 7,000 animals helped - Social programs to help the poor communities’ pets - Education campaign in partnership with local school.


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