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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

My name is Freddie, and I am raising money for Ripple Africa in Malawi. Ripple Africa is a charity that started running many projects in a small area learning from experiences before expanding. They now run large scale conservation projects over many districts and support healthcare and education projects in different areas all across Malawi. I am firm believer that we should always help people less fortunate than ourselves. In countries like Malawi, where need is greatest for those necessities we would take for granted such as clean water and education, I believe I can help to contribute to this worthy cause by raising the issue through my fund raising efforts. Furthermore by visiting the country I hope to be a valued volunteer that can assist first hand and really understand the plight of the people and their ongoing everyday challenges. I am hoping to do two fundraising events before I travel to Malawi in July 2023 which would,together equate to doing a marathon distance! They are:- - The traditional Aldenham School Eros in Piccadilly to the mini Eros at Aldenham on 30th June 2023, which will be the last day of term ( Approx 16 miles) - The London bridges walk (Approximately 10 miles) Please contribute as much as you can to this worthy cause. I am hoping to achieve my target before I go to Malawi at the beginning of July 2023. Thank you so much in advance for your generous support. Freddie


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Ripple Africa is a grassroots charity focused on the environment, education and healthcare in Malawi. Our overriding aim is to empower co...