Fundraising Planning

Plan all of your fundraising from start to finish with these helpful tips

Starting your journey

If you're new to fundraising then it'sa good idea to do some reearch and planning before you decide what, when and how to fundraise.

Good causes

These are results we uncovered in 2017. It shows which type of charitable cause receives the most donations. More information can be found on our blog

These are just some of the causes you can support, there are many more and they are all good causes! You can decide which cause to support using this survey or by which cause means more to you. (A popular way for many!)


Next, choose a charity to fundraise for by Exploring Givey.

At Givey we strive to cater 'The Forgotten 95' of small charities and by joining us, you can too!


When you set-up your Givey fundraising page, be sure to decide on a fundraising goal. This can be any amount you wish. If your not sure, you could speak to the charity to ask what the various amounts of funding, help them achieve.

Read Fundraising for a Good Cause: how to raise money


Choosing an activity to raise funds can be something you enjoy doing. Alternatively, to make things more interesting, you can choose something challenging!

It doesn’t have to be difficult, but having an activity attracts your donors more to donate.

6 Popular UK Charity Challenges

6 Ways To Put The Fun in Fundraising

Fundraising articles

Below are some more useful articles you can use to get the most out of your journey.