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simplifying and enhancing charitable giving, offering a user-friendly platform for seamless and transparent donations.


Seamless Charitable Giving: Givey provides a user-friendly platform that makes charitable donations quick, easy, and transparent. Advocating for small nonprofits and local communities in the United Kingdom.


Community Impact: Joining Givey allows you to be part of a community of like-minded individuals committed to making a positive difference in the world through collective philanthropy.


Transparency and Accountability: Givey ensures transparency in the donation process, giving users confidence that their contributions are making a real impact, and it fosters accountability throughout the charitable giving ecosystem.

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If you're a UK registered charity begin digital fundraising for FREE plus many more Tech4Good benefits.

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If you're a CIC, PTA, faith group or similar, begin digital fundraising for FREE plus many more Tech4Good benefits.

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Bringing digital to your fundraising needs

Charity Dashboard

Take control of your fundraisers, donations and pay-out schedules in your own Charity dashboard. You can control what's on your donations page 24/7. Include your team with multiple admin access and receive pay-outs on your preferred day. Simple, easy and effective digital fundraising management so you can concentrate on your other fundraising tasks.  

Interacting and Engaging

Get notified when someone donates to your charity and connect with your supporters like never before by keeping up with your Givey activity feed in real-time. Have access to digital tools to make donating easy for your donors like a donation button, qr code, social engagment and much more.

100% and Fee-Free

You recieve 100% of your donations plus Gift Aid. We don't deduct any money from charities nor do we charge fees to charities in the Givey Community. We have a strong passion about transparency and full support for local grass-root level causes.