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Help Talons to survive the Coronavirus crisis!
We are in serious trouble! The majority of our work involves providing animal therapy to residential and nursing homes - for the elderly, dementia sufferers and the physically/mentally disabled. Unfortunately, due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, all our bookings have been cancelled (completely necessary and understandable) and we have lost every penny of our already meagre income! We also very much rely on our fundraising at events, 'bucket rattling' at local shopping centres, and income from private parties etc. to survive - this has now all gone too! I wrote this first paragraph back in March, but sadly, little has changed. We are now in October, and things are just going from bad to worse: I thought it was probably time for an update on our situation as regards the pandemic. To put it bluntly- we're snookered. Since this all kicked off in March, we've provided mini beast encounters for two schools, and I've attended two mini weddings. I've got three more weddings to attend (hopefully!), but other than that - nothing. Zero! Zilch! Sweet Fanny Adams! Our biggest issue has always been that we need to be close to people - whether we're providing therapy, an encounter, or just fundraising, we have to stay close to the animals, therefore we would be close to the people. I tried to get some definitive guidance from the powers that be, on what we could and couldn't do, but got no response. In light of this, and not wanting to do anything that might cause anyone to have a reason to complain, or worse, we decided the safest course of action was to leave well be. Recent restrictions have pretty well killed off any hopes we had of being able to do something anyway. We've been so fortunate that you guys have been incredibly generous, otherwise we'd have disappeared in a cloud of dust/mud/💩 by now. I'm hoping we've got enough money to see us through a few more weeks, provided there isn't a major financial upset (vet's bill!). After that, who knows? I am working on an idea in the background, but as with all these things, it will take time, and with the virus taking hold again, I'm really not sure if that will even be viable. Please follow us on Facebook for regular updates. PLEASE HELP THE ANIMALS.


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