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Help Talons to survive the Coronavirus crisis!
We are in serious trouble! The majority of our work involves providing animal therapy to residential and nursing homes - for the elderly, dementia sufferers and the physically/mentally disabled. Unfortunately, due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, all our bookings have been cancelled (completely necessary and understandable) and we have lost every penny of our already meagre income! We also very much rely on our fundraising at events, 'bucket rattling' at local shopping centres, and income from private parties etc. to survive - this has now all gone too! We will not be able to keep going if this continues much longer as our large collection of animals and birds will continue to require daily feeding, cleaning and heating and there is no income being generated to pay for it all. We have just incurred two substantial vet's bills which hasn't helped the cause either! There is currently no financial aid available to us from the government. We understand that this is a very difficult time for everyone, but we really don't know what else to do. We just have to hope that this crisis will blow over as quickly as it started, for all our sakes. For regular updates on our situation, please follow our Facebook page - Talons Owltimate Encounters CIC. We can also be found on Twitter and Instagram - @talonsowls PLEASE HELP THE ANIMALS.

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TALONS OWLTIMATE ENCOUNTERS CIC is a fully licensed animal encounter, non profit community interest company based in Cornwall. We special...