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Hope Church Merthyr is a community of people committed to seeing Merthyr Tydfil and surrounding areas become places of hope, justice and healing. We are not content to leave our communities trapped in the cycle of poverty and our people without freedom, dignity, purpose and meaning in their lives. We want to follow Jesus and weave our lives into the fabric our of community in such a way that it leaves a trail of hope. Some of the community development projects we run to help us do this are: - Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre: https://capuk.org/ - The Mercy Well Recovery Community and Drop In for people struggling to manage life: https://www.facebook.com/themercywell - Women's Recovery Groups and Coffee Mornings -The Reading Club for adults struggling with literacy - Parent and Toddler groups - Change Communities a weekly community meeting aiming to mobilize and connect community mentors and bring local people and their resources together to end poverty - Community Groups throughout the town where people can find a safe place to belong - Youth Clubs - Hope 4 Kids children's clubs


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