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Hutton Twinning Association


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Help with Education and Medical
In 1999, following a family holiday in Kenya , Mark Orchard returned to Dabaso with a team of builders and built 3 new classrooms for the local Primary School. Any visits are self funded so that all the money raised reaches its intended destination, all of our time is provided voluntarily. A medical centre is also in the village and we help with supplies when needed. Over the years we have been able to assist a number of children into secondary education and provide a number of bursaries for children who have been educated at Dabaso Primary School, passed their final exams with a good score, and otherwise would not be able to continue their education. As one graduates from secondary school another is selected. Previous bursary students have now graduated from University and are contributing to Dabaso community. One of the biggest changes over the years has been the introduction of free primary education in Kenya that presented Dabaso school with huge logistical issues as hundreds of children suddenly emerged from nowhere expecting to be educated.

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