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As long as Ye Chen and the hermit family have conflicts, and those so-called elders, elders have conflicts, Beichen Yaodong's goal will be achieved! Moreover, with the supercilious nature of the elders, and their concept of sitting in the well and watching the sky, people outside are going to kneel down to them! They must be able to annoy Ye Chen! As long as they annoy Ye Chen and a fierce conflict breaks out between them, his goal of Beichen Yaozong will be completely achieved! His ultimate goal was to set Ye Chen against the hermit family, especially against the elders! He wants to use Ye Chen's power to eradicate the group of elders! When the time comes, Ye Chen and the elders have a conflict, the elders have a grudge, and then take the initiative to throw out the olive branch, let can son to seduce Ye Chen! Beauty and power, as well as hatred combined together, Ye Chen can not agree? It's a matter of course! Beichen Yaodong smiled indifferently! A few words, a few words to complete the plan! He looked faintly at the blood-red horizon. Everything is going according to plan! In order to avoid suspicion, in order to avoid suspicion, Beichen Yaodong did not appear at all, but also restrained his curiosity,coltan ore processing, did not go to the scene to visit! He did it so perfectly that no one could find out that he was playing tricks on it! The killer, the sniper with am, is a dead man who has been trained for many years! Even if Ye Chen strength again strong, see Zhuge Youcai in front of his head, there will be a moment of stupefaction! This moment of stupefaction is enough for the sniper to bite down the melamine of the back teeth to commit suicide! The killer shot him in the head and then bit off his back teeth directly, which can be said to be very resolute. Moreover, Beichen Yaodong told Zhuge Youcai that only Zhuge Youcai knew about the plan to kidnap Xu Youyou. Zhuge Youcai is dead now, and there is no proof of death! Everything is so perfect,tin beneficiation plant, this is a perfect scene of framing! But I don't know why! Beichen Yaodong always feels that something is wrong? "Things don't seem to be in my control!" Although everything went according to my plan, how did the sky turn red! Why is there a piece of blood? What the hell happened? Beichen Yaodong looked at the horizon of the snow red, there is an awe-inspiring murderous look, released from the interior of the Xu family, as if like a cold wind to the bone, blowing to their own here! Even through the thick wall of the safe, Beichen Yaodong felt the cold and murderous look. "No, could it be that the blood-red color of this day is artificially made, is the effect of Ye Chen?" No way. Beichen Yaodong was shocked! Ye Chen is so powerful, even powerful enough to control the wind and clouds, control the changes in the sky? Beichen Yaodong's whole face is confused! "Really?" "It should be just when the burning clouds come up, how can humans control the weather?"? How can it affect the world? Caner also shook his head and said! "No!" Beichen Yaodong's face is gloomy. "You send someone to inquire!" "Let the spies send a message and ask what's going on ahead!" "Ye Chen must be against the Zhuge family and the Xu family now, and now I want the latest first-hand information!" "How far have they reached?" "Ask me everything!" In Beichen Yaodong's view, mineral flotation ,small gold wash plant, this Ye Chen will certainly have a conflict with the elders of the hermit family, but to what extent he does not know! In his view, the most is the outbreak of some bloody conflict! But what he didn't know was that everything was beyond his imagination! He thought that he had done everything, that he had tied Ye Chen to a warship and invited him into the urn! But, in fact, Ye Chen may not care at all! Chapter 1334 the real devil! Fall in love with you to read the book network., the fastest update I deliver the latest chapter in the world! This Beichen Yaodong, deus ex machina! However, this boy does not know is, Beichen Yaodong does not know is, Ye Chen simply did not put these situations in the eye! No matter what kind of conspiracy, in front of Ye Chen is a paper tiger, you can easily beat to death! This Beichen Yaodong's deliberate plan and conspiracy are not worth mentioning in front of Ye Chen! In the face of absolute force, everything is scum! At this very moment! In the courtyard of the Xu family, Ye Chen's murderous look, the whole sky turned into a blood-red, Leifeng Tower was hidden in the bloody murderous look of Ye Chen! In the midst of this bloody murderous look, Zhuge Liuyun was so frightened that he shivered! The entire Xu family, also all is a face cover circle! However, Zhuge Liuyun did not have too much fear! Although, just that moment was frightened by Ye Chen, but, in his view, Ye Chen is strong outside but weak inside! At most, it's just a bluff, and there's no real chance to kill! After all, Ye Chen is an ordinary and incomparable ordinary person, ordinary, but just like the slaves of the outside world! How dare he kill a member of the hermit family? Noble hermit family, above all else! Ye Chen this kind of person, see them to have to kneel, how dare he start? Suddenly, this Zhuge's insufferably arrogant eyes looked at Ye Chen, with a touch of contempt and disdain! "Ye Chen, do you really dare to do it?" "Scare me?" "Oh, you scared Dad!" "I'll give you a chance to kneel down and apologize to me!" "Give me your beautiful attendant, let her give me a son, I can consider keeping your whole body, is already the greatest pardon for you, the greatest praise!" "How can you not accept it with an open mind and kneel down to listen to it?" Zhuge Liuyun said loudly, hands behind his back, eyes supercilious! As if he were the emperor! In his view, the identity of the hermit family is here, and the identity of the patriarch of his Zhuge family is here! Because,Carbon in Pulp, to fight with him is to fight with the hermit family, even if the outside people have a strong strength, he also dare not start!. ore-magnetic-mining.com