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Kabeela Alumni is a partnership initiative run by ex Kabeela volunteers, which aims to promote the work of the women of Guilungou (Burkina Faso). The volunteers involved in the project are based both in the UK and Burkina Faso and took part in International Citizen Service (http://www.volunteerics.org/). As part of the ICS programme, volunteers did their placement at Kabeela (http://asskabeela.com/?lang=en) . The association contributes to the social and economic promotion of rural Burkinabé women, encouraging their active participation to transform their communities. Kabeela is active in 85 villages in the region of Plateau Central (rural Burkina Faso). The women of Kabeela are involved in a wide range of income generating activities, including the production of moringa soap; shea butter products; papier-mâché jewellery; crocheted bags, purses and jewellery; and traditional hand-dyed fabrics. Having been on placement in rural Burkina Faso, volunteers have a deep understanding of the local reality and the challenges faced by rural women when it comes to generating income for themselves and their families. The network aims to provide ex volunteers with a space to carry on supporting development work in Guilongou, via research, awareness raising and fundraising activities. The aim of this fundraising campaign is to improve the women’s income generation through boosting the current shea butter production and increasing the profits from moringa soap sales. In order to do so, the campaign will support the purchase of 450 pots for the mass production of shea butter, as well as a bigger mould to increase the profits of moringa soap production. We set an achievable, yet highly impactful, fundraising target of 50,000 CFA (£62), which will complement local funding from Kabeela itself. The surplus from this campaign will be used for training the women so that they can gain additional skills and broaden their product range. We hope you can get involved, as your help can make a huge difference in helping the women to achieve their vision of creating an equal world.

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