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Clean Water for Poor Communities in Ghana

Otaresu is a poor village of 500 inhabitants in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Like many other poor communities they lack clean drinking water. Their source of water is from a stream half a mile from their village which is shared with livestock and occasionally dries up. Several times a day the children and adults visit the stream and fill up buckets which they carry back on their heads.

This daily routine means children skip school and adults miss out on regular work. The poor water quality causes serious water borne illnesses and premature deaths that are easily avoidable.

In partnership with the community, KCALF is facilitating the installation of a clean water well which will be located inside Otaresu village.

Your donations will transform the lives of this community by funding the construction of a borehole, an electric pump and a water storage tank. Once complete the well will supply the community with clean drinking water for generations to come.


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Water - £20.00

Provides a child access to clean drinkable water for the first time