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Phil Sturgeon is raising $250 for Computer Aid International
This is twice as far as the last ride and is going to be split over two days. It's 220 miles with an elevation of 14,000 ft, which is a fairly big one. The charity is Computer Aid International, which collect donated computers from companies and individuals and distribute them to schools, hospitals, universities and organisations all over the world. I know plenty of people lucky enough to have so many computers around they complain about trivial things like how hard it is to sync all of their music between our smart phone, our three slightly different sized tablets, "travel" laptop and work computer. Most of us have at least a smart phone and a laptop. Other people have literally no access to computers, or have to share one between an entire school, or an entire classroom. Let's have a tiny little shot at making that shitty situation better by throwing in a few quid. I'll do the usual live tweeting complaining about everything situation so you'll get something out of it other than that warm fluffy feeling inside.


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Computer Aid International was set up to help to bridge the digital divide that exists between the rich and poor nations of the world thr...