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In September, seven years on from aggressive Stage 3 cancer and thriving, I'm cycling from home in Teffont via Salisbury to Canterbury along the Cathedrals Cycle route to raise money for Action Against Cancer. The charity funds informed risk-taking, cutting-edge science to develop significant breakthroughs.

Money raised will help fund cutting edge research at a new lab in Cambridge led by internationally acclaimed scientist Professor Justin Stebbing, who has published more than 650 articles in scientific journals paving the way for new approaches to cancer prevention and treatment, and lives saved.

Expert medical treatment was an essential part of my journey back to health combined with exercise, diet, spiritual practice and an integrative approach to healing. In September, I will be lighting a candle in each of the six cathedrals I visit along the 200 mile cycle route for all those suffering from cancer and for those who have lost loved ones.

One in two people in the UK are now predicted to get cancer in their lifetimes. Please support this cause by making a donation. I am covering the costs of my pilgrimage in full; every penny you give will go towards the cause.

Over the summer, I will also be organising 14 mile walking pilgrimages through beautiful Wiltshire countryside to Salisbury Cathedral. For more information or to get involved email: pilgrimage@positivenature.world

With grateful thanks to Justin Stebbing, my oncologist and all the healthcare professionals, friends and community who contributed to my healing.

Further information on the cause: https://aacancer.org/newsandevents/newcambridgepartnership.html.php

Image: Taking part in TOFTigers Bike4Tigers challenge in 2016, my cancer treatment year; photo credit TOFTigers



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Action Against Cancer funds the development of cures for cancer at leading institutions such as Imperial College London, the University o...


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