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Hi all! I'm releasing some free songs at http://www.simccoy.bandcamp.com/album/little-victories and encouraging people to donate to The Listening Place; an amazing cause that helps save lives (mine included) by providing face to face support for those who need it.

(Please note, I'm making these tracks free to everyone, regardless of whether they've donated or not; as you're not receiving them as a result of your donation, you should be eligible for gift aid. If you would like to download them without donating or vice versa, please feel free to do so!)

I recorded these songs a few years back, and partly due to my self critical nature, they were in danger of never leaving my hard drive. It feels fitting to me that by encouraging donations for The Listening Place, they can be used for something positive instead. I really hope you like the tracks, but honestly, they're not the point; they're an excuse to give something back to an amazing cause that needs support now more than ever.

I know we're living in uncertain times and money is a very real concern for a lot of us, so please don't feel any donation is insignificant (you can enter an amount rather than choosing one of the suggested options). I'm setting a target of £260; this is how much it costs The Listening Place to provide 3 months of support, which is often the time needed to help someone who is having suicidal thoughts. Honestly, I can't put a price on what they've done for me, but that seems like a good place to start.

Most importantly, if you feel like you're struggling, please, please, please, talk to someone about it. Don't wait, don't see how you feel in a week, don't tell yourself you're not low enough to seek help yet. Have a conversation with your doctor, start the process. Yes, it will feel shitty, and embarrassing, and you might cry in front of someone you don't know, but you're not alone and things will get better.

Thank you ❤️



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face-to-face support for those who feel life is no longer worth living