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raised of $200 target from 23 people

Ashka Zasada is raising $200 for The Healthy Living Club
On Friday 18th March I will be teaching a Charity Yoga Class from 10-12pm with all proceeds going to the Healthy Living Club, Lambeth's very own dementia charity. I am fundraising so that around forty people who live with dementia and/or other disabling conditions can continue participating in activities of their choice (music, art and reminisce-based games) at their very special Club – which was founded and is run by a group of ordinary citizens, without any statutory funding. I have been running yoga/dance/movement sessions there for 6 years now and I have witnessed magic when people come together to embrace each other as they are, without any need to label, define or create distance between those "providing services" and those "participating”. Dementia is one of the most common causes of disability among the old. It affects memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculation, earning capacity, language, judgement, behaviour, mobility and continence. Yet, the Healthy Living Club is a place full of joy. The longer I work there the more grateful I am that my teaching extends beyond regular yoga studios and involves more than just a strong Asana practice. At The Healthy Living Club it is more about eye contact, laughter and being together. We might even do some breathing. It is about helping build, and feeling part of, a wonderful community, full of compassion, love and laughter! Please have a look at what the Healthy Living Club looks like on the social media, and –whether or not you can donate don't forget to like their Facebook page. Your support will mean a lot to the volunteers who, as well as supporting the Club's sessions, work hard behind the scenes, trying to raise the funds they need to run the show. So, please give generously if you can, but I do assure you that even the smallest of donations will be received with immense gratitude, and put to good use. With deep gratitude, Ashka


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The Healthy Living Club is a small charity working hard and joyfully to improve the wellbeing of people who live with Alzheimer's or any ...