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Supporting autistic young people and their families
mASCot is a parent-led support network with over 1700 member families who have autistic children and young people. We are local to Brighton and Hove and surrounding areas. Families come to us because they find there is very little support out there from health and education services. As part of mASCot, parent and carer members have access to a safe private online forum where they can benefit from fellow members' experience - finding support, understanding, advice and signposting to services. We are also very proactive, running a broad programme of meet ups, workshops, group counselling and training for parent carers alongside a number of children and youth focused projects ranging from family outings and residential trips, children and youth social groups, social skills courses, natural health and wellbeing therapy. We think of innovative ways that we can pool resources making specialist expertise and knowledge accessible to parent carers and their kids that would be otherwise unaffordable. mASCot has no government funding. The funds we need to keep going with this vital work all come from the hard work of our members and supporters, via the ongoing writing of funding applications for projects and raising money by donations. The membership expands with new families joining every week. So the contributions that people make to mASCot, however big or small, make a huge difference to what we can put in place to support our families. Thank you for supporting us.

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