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Did you know that if a child or young person sustains an acquired brain injury, nationally there is very little assistance or support to help them to recover after discharge from hospital? Nor is there much support for their families to help them to adjust to the changes that have taken place. Matrix Neurological are a charity that provides innovative neuro-rehabilitation interventions to children and young people that makes a real difference; and provide practical, effective support to their families and carers. Please help us to help these 'forgotten' children and their families by donating to our cause. Thank you.

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Jan Rock - $15.00

£15 will pay for 1 hour of our running costs

Jan Rock - $10.00

£10 will pay for the resources we need for use each 1-1 support session.

Jan Rock - $20.00

£20 pays for one hour of 1-1 support for a brain injured child or young person.