Max's Trust




Providing support and information to the UK ARM Community

Max's Trust is a UK registered charity supporting anyone affected by Anorectal Malformation (ARM), which affects 1 in 5000 births each year. The charity was set up in memory of Max Finnigan, who was born with ARM in June 2017, but sadly and unexpectedly died in November 2018 of something unrelated to his ARM.

At Max's Trust, we aim to INSPIRE by:

Improve Awareness - Promoting and encouraging awareness of ARM.

Network - Providing access to a network of professionals and resources including, importantly, mental health.

Support - Encouraging peer-to-peer support throughout the ARM community, promoting good mental health.

Partnership - Working closely with other UK and international organisations.

Information - Being a trusted source of good quality information about ARM.

Research - Promoting and participating in relevant research about ARM.

Events - Holding regular events for the ARM community.

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