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Mike Corris is raising $500 for Alzheimer's Society
We all need challenges in life. Even better if it can benefit a good cause. This is my biggest ever, and I hope you can support me. I realise im starting this early but my work for this challenge starts now. So thanks for coming here guys. Here's a brief story of what's happening. I decided I need to set myself a physical challenge to progress my continued weight loss and health kick (which I'm sure won't last forever). So have decided to enter myself into the Chester half marathon in May 2015. A big feat for someone of my size and with my laziness I think you'll agree. I realise it's a completely selfish act in giving me something to feel great about, so I decided it would be good to give something back to a cause close to my heart if people are willing to support me. The Alzheimers Society provided my family with a huge amount of support during tough times with my grandad before he died and they continue to provide help and support for other families where someone suffers from dementia. They work with other companies who are hell bent on finding a permanent cure, something I believe is possible in my lifetime. So all my pain and suffering endured in preparation for and completion of this event will not be in vain if you can find a few spare pounds to throw their way. It doesn't have to be now and it doesn't have to be much, but just something at sometime will make this journey I'm going to embark on absolutely worth it and more. Thanks for reading.


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