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giving children and young people tools for emotional health

Our charity works internationally and we also now wish to focus right back where we started, in Hackney, London. Having just completed a successful pilot in one local school (see our site's homepage for a 3-minute video) with a grant from Hackney council, we are ready for our next local school project. With the rise in young people's emotional health issues and in one of the UK's hotspots for youth violence, this timely evidence-based project will have positive impact where it's crucially needed.


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Sponsor youth-at-risk - £1,000.00

£1,000 pays for a group of at-risk youth to engage in a 6-week practical course to improve emotion-regulation and decision-making.

Sponsor a class - £540.00

£540 pays for one teacher to complete a 36-hour training after which they can introduce tools for emotional health to their students.

Sponsor a teacher - £270.00

£270 pays for one school teacher to attend a complete 18-hour training in cultivating tools for emotional health.

Trainer hour - £90.00

£90 pays for one of our highly skilled and experienced trainers to offer one hour of wellbeing skills to school teachers.

Educator hour - £50.00

£50 pays for one of our expertly-trained educators to offer an hour of quality time to a group / class of young people.

Awareness of self and others - £10.00

£10 pays for 2 books for one young person. Each book has 10 exercises that invite greater understanding of self and others.

Coursebook for emotional health - £5.00

£5 gives one child one 'Connected With Others' course-book, exploring healthy relationships and how to cultivate them.