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Providing support for early pregnancy loss

MISS was formed in 2017 after the Founder, Abi Clarke identified that there is a need for early pregnancy loss support in the North East. Many bereaved parents leave a hospital with no further support and nothing to remember their babies.

At MISS we work closely with maternity hospitals across Scotland to provide memory boxes (items including candle, flower seeds & teddy bear), overnight bags for patients staying at hospital (items including body wash, shampoo, tshirt, pants), pregnancy after loss bags (providing extra support for women who may be feeling anxious during their next pregnancy) and support bags (contain self care and therapeutic items). The cost of providing these to our communities are £12,000 per year and with your help, we can ensure to continue offering these to our members for free.

Our latest project is the planning and design of an early pregnancy loss garden in Aberdeen where parents can reflect, grieve and lay flowers in a quiet and open space. The cost of this project is £33,500 and so far we have raised £15,000. Completion date of this project is 2023, date tbc.

With your help, we can make a difference in our communities for bereaved parents by providing the support they need after a miscarriage, next pregnancy and a different pathway.

Please support us with these projects so that we can continue to provide our services to bereaved parents and help them to move forward in their journey.

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Monthly podcast - $600.00

Funding the MISS podcast which is another platform of support for anyone who has experienced miscarriage.

Pregnancy After Loss Bags - $150.00

Provide 30 pregnancy after loss bags for next pregnancy support.

Overnight bags - $280.00

40 overnight bags for hospitals & offered by midwives. Items include body wash, shampoo & sanitary towels.

Support bags - $160.00

Post out 40 support bags to bereaved parents after a miscarriage.

Memory Boxes - $900.00

One month's supply of memory boxes to Aberdeen, Peterhead and Dr Gray's Hospitals.