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Original title: Mo Jin Game Record: Four kinds of mining tools, the drill bit and the golden pickaxe are the most powerful, and Xu Li is much more convenient to operate. There is a mining game content in the mini world, which is very interesting. Players can get different game materials by mining underground minerals, and build houses and buildings, etc. Mining method-Xu Li excavation When mining, we generally use the pickaxe, the basic click mining method, each time can only dig out. A unit box, the efficiency is very low, so in the game if you want to improve the efficiency of mining,rock drilling tools, how can we do to help us in a short period of time to quickly carry out mineral mining? If you use the general click mining method, the efficiency is very low, but if you add the unique Xu Li operation in the game, it will greatly improve your mining efficiency. Although the time of each operation will increase,overburden drilling systems, the scope of each click mining will greatly increase, helping players to mine minerals faster. Expand the full text The use method of Xu Li is different according to the hardware facilities of the computer and the mobile phone. In the computer game, the player can press and hold the right button of the mouse to use Xu Li. If the player is a mobile phone player, he can use the right button of the mobile phone screen to use Xu Li. Mining tool Quarry picks, iron picks, gold picks and drill bits are commonly used mining props in the game. Because of their different materials, they bring different mining efficiency. The drill bit is the most efficient, knocking out nine unit areas around the target square after accumulating power, mining drill bit ,mining dth bit, while the gold pickaxe can mine 27 three-dimensional areas. Compared with the other two kinds of props, the efficiency of stone pickaxes and iron pickaxes is much slower, but because of their simple production, they are the two most commonly used mining props. However, it is worth noting that the quarry pick itself has the function of excavation. When we use it to work, if we aim the fore sight at the first ore above, after the mining operation is completed, we will find that the stone below the fore sight will also be excavated. This is the unique excavation function of the quarry pick, and this function is often used when we locate a small area. Compared with other ores, the efficiency of the gold pickaxe in mining is still relatively high. It can mine a 3 × 3 × 3 cubic area. The whole mining area is still very large. Compared with the actual draft and the iron pickaxe, the efficiency is really amazing. It is very conducive to our use in large-scale operations, which can greatly increase our mining efficiency. The drill bit is a prop that can break through the black spar in the mini world. You can imagine its toughness. At the same time, its synthetic formula also contains hard blue diamonds and iron ingots, which are very precious materials. It also makes this prop more durable and more efficient. The drill bit can clear a whole area of nine areas after accumulating force. It has a large mining area and is very convenient to use. Its durability is higher than other props. It is a commonly used mining tool in many large-scale mining projects. I don't know which of these props do you prefer? Feet are short, inches are long, in fact, as long as each prop is used correctly, it is very helpful for us to use it when we open the ore. Whether it is a large area operation or a small area operation, according to different content forms, sometimes it is convenient to use the earth, sometimes it is more accurate to use the small area, we also need to choose according to our own situation. Ok, that's all for today's game introduction about Mini World. If you have any tips and suggestions for this game, you are welcome to leave a comment below. We look forward to your wonderful comments. See you next time. (Non-quoted text, please play the game rationally) Mo Jin game said, give you the best game information! Original is not easy,Borehole Drill Bits, please taste carefully! The article is 100% handwritten original, if the picture is infringed, please contact Xiaobian by private message! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com