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National Funeral Help is a charity which was founded by three individuals who had all suffered bereavements in their own ways.

Trustee Nigel lost 2 infants in a tragic house fire many years ago, with the loss of the children his home was no longer a home for him, without them nothing mattered he started to shut himself away from the world as he grieved alone with nobody there to understand what he was going through, his wife tried to comfort and support him whilst trying to deal with the loss herself and at the same time battling cancer for many years. She eventually lost her battle and passed away 5 years ago, after being a full time carer Nigel was now all alone needing care himself determined to not let the memories of his children and wife fade overtime, he wanted to be part of a cause that could help others in their time of need one day.

At the time when he needed support he felt there was no one there for him, he suffered on his own for many years to come, but had found a group of individuals who had also lost members of their families but could not grieve due to their circumstances.

Israr lost his grandma at the early stages of Covid-19 lock down, this meant he could not go to see his dear and close grandma in hospital as she was suffering from a long term illness. Sadly, she passed away and left Israr to grieve but only with his immediate family due to restrictions imposed. The final member of NFH, Yunas also lost his uncle during the early stages of Covid 19 and lock down. His dearly beloved uncle suffered from a rare disease, which doctors around the world could not identify why this had happened to him, thus could not give a name to his condition. They had advised the family he would only live for 9 months, but survived an astonishing 14 years, till his condition had reduced him into a fragile frail individual who finally lost the battle, leaving behind a young family. He was a very popular individual whereby hundreds wanted to attend the funeral but unfortunately only 30 were allowed.

Each one with their own loss and suffering, a common theme was emerging amongst them they came together, like minded to support others going through similar situations, a charity was formed to provide support and relief pre and post a bereavement.

Fundraising has been a challenge for NFH due to covid-19 and lock down rules and regulations, but by coming up with different fundraising ideas they were hoping to raise much needed funds to continue the support within the communities. They were hoping to organise several events through-out this year like afternoon tea, Zumba party night, auctions to hold in a restaurant and other ideas which the volunteers and management came up with and hoping to make these into annual events through-out the year. They believe events are the best way of raising money as people are getting experience for their money, at the same time as raising money for a fantastic cause. So, it’s a Win! Win, for all.

Please help us to help others less fortunate that need our help we need donations to continue supporting families in different ways during this pandemic such as live streaming funerals for families for free to provide inclusion on such sad occasions, to provide mourners with much needed PPE equipment to keep them and others safe, temporary grave markers to reassure the community we all care and are compassionate by making sure the bereaved are treated with dignity and respect for further information and the full services on offer please visit our website

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Live streaming platform costs - $20.00

Your donation will go towards maintenance of the equipment and the costs of our volunteers live streaming a funeral.

Temporary grave marker - $10.00

Temporary grave marker to place on the deceased grave until family would like to change to their desire.

PPE Equipment set - $5.00

Your £5 donations will provide disposable gloves, face masks and aprons.