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Welcome to my Givey page
The Harry Johnson Trust is very grateful to Nick and members of Shrewsbury Golf Club for their support. As a completely voluntarily run charity, all money raised will go directly to support local children with cancer. We do all sorts of things to help and work closely with the team at SATH (Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital Trust) to make sure the right child gets the right support at the right time. For example, your donations and fundraising will buy - a fleece pillowcase, soft on a bare head (£5). A voucher for the cinema or bowling (£10). A toy or game for the child to use in hospital (£20). A family day out in the local area (£50). A supermarket voucher to help with costs faced when a parent gives up work to care for the poorly child (£100) A week in our holiday caravan in Mid Wales (£150). A laptop for a child to keep in touch with school, friends and family while in hospital for long periods (£500). Please give generously.