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Donna Laundon is raising $3,500 for The Animal House Rescue
Cattery Appeal Hi guys, we have deliberated over how to get a new cattery up and running as the old one has rotted away (it was third hand and quite old when we got it). We have priced one up with a few places and TJW Millgate sheds and fencing have come up with the best quote for what we need at £2500 All of our domestic cats are in foster homes but the ferals need peace and quiet and a place as stress free as we can make it. These cats are essentially wild animals and it would be cruel to expect them to deal with the things that go in in a normal everyday household. The cattery we would like is a double one with full length cabins instead of off the floor pods as it is dangerous for feral mommas with kittens as the only access to the pods is via a ramp. The kittens need to be at floor level to stop the possibility of accidents. We will try and repair the old one to make an isolation pen and relocate it for domestic cats to recuperate from contagious illnesses. So as we said we have been quoted £2500 for the double cattery - this comes with full length pods, full sneeze barrier, catch area and hygienic infill. On top of this we need the base dug out and re-concreted using rebar as the rat family have dug up the floor and made a complete mess. This will cost another £1000. So we are setting up this fundraiser to help us get to the target that we need to get the work done. We know funds are tight with everyone at the moment but if everyone of our fantastic followers could donate a few pounds we could reach the target easily. Also if anyone would like to do a fundraiser for us that would be great too... ie sponsored runs coffee mornings with few friends (safely of course) or anything you can think of please let us know.


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