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Nuevas Esperanzas encourages the development of sustainable livelihoods in an environmentally sensitive and disaster vulnerable part of western Nicaragua. It works alongside the rural poor, most of whom have an income of less than $1/day and live away from access to basic services. One of the fundamental challenges for these communities is access to water, with the nearest source more than 5km away for some. Meanwhile environmental degradation of the land they live on increases their vulnerability to natural disasters and crop failures.

Nuevas Esperanzas is helping farmers construct rainwater harvesting systems and protect springs. Access to the communities is being improved to help farmers take their crops to market. And sustainable forms of generating an income are being introduced to make use of the natural resources of the land without continuing to degrade the environment. These include organic gardening, beekeeping and tourism.

The programme is underpinned by a strong emphasis on community development, organisation and education. Participating communities are involved in every step of the process while Nuevas Esperanzas constantly evolves according to the needs and priorities of those it serves.

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