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Re-directing lives from crime

Oak London aims to provide a residential course for young men aged 18 and above at risk of offending who have a desire to change the direction of their life. It will launch in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, a time when gang and crime involvement has increased due to lack of opportunity, and face to face intervention is needed more than ever. It is a project of Bethnal Green Mission Church and exists to promote reconciliation and reconnection within communities and see young men choose to leave lives of crime.

During the pilot courses, young men will attend a week long residential course based outside of London, only returning at weekends. This removes them from the distractions of their normal surrounding allowing for a significant opportunity for reflection. The course includes:

• Community living where attendees live, cook and eat together • Daily sessions based around the 12 step programme • ‘Learning together’ style lectures with Trinity College • Opportunities for sports involvement

Recognising that the residential is the initial springboard it will be followed up with 3 elements:

• 6 ‘transitory’ weekly workshops at Bethnal Green Mission Church which underpin the routines and learnings from the residential course, helping them transfer this learning into their everyday lives. • A community project, reengaging the attendees with their local communities’ in a positive capacity • A mentoring relationship for 12 months as they move onto their next steps


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Initial inductions - £25.00

Allowing for Oak London mentors to meet with and create relationships with potential attendees.

Transitionary sessions - £72.00

Participants will complete 6 sessions on return to London to help embed their learning into their every day lives.

Community Project - £500.00

The attendees will crowdfund to match this and raise the money for their self-designed community project

Communal Lunches - £50.00

The cost for communal lunches during the residential for 2 participants

A participant to complete the programme - £800.00

The full amount for a participant to complete the complete all stages of the pilot programme (including food, travel and rent).