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This fundraiser isn't enabled and cannot be donated to

Aid convoy to Ukrainian Refugees in Poland
We are raising money to help send aid to the Ukrainian Refugees who have had to flee their country due to the Russian invasion. Sending supplies and a message of hope that the British people stand with them in their time of need. We've already had a variety of support come forward, small businesses looking to donate or collect items as well as a group of wonderful people come forward from across the UK from Southampton to Edinburgh and various places in between volunteering to collect, pack, transport and distribute aid to the frontline, however, there are all sorts of costs still involved in transportation logistics and some aid supplies will need to be bought in Europe. Any money donated through this fundraiser will contribute to helping the Ukrainian refugees. In the event that we raise more money than can be used for the physical convoy, we will use it to help frontline groups on the ground either by buying specific supplies or donating directly to other frontline groups in need. The convoy will be recording their journey both before setting off, and throughout their journey, with regular social media posts and live tracking. It allows donors to keep their fingers on the pulse of what the convoy is up to and how their donations are used. Please check out our social media pages to find out more about who we are and what we doing - MOOL OSCR number is SC046366


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