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Welcome to my Givey page

Please support me as I cycle 250km through Malawi in the first half of April 2020 for African Vision Malawi (AVM). We pay all our own costs to participate. Every penny of your donation goes directly to Malawi. AVM prides itself on having only volunteers in the UK, no paid staff, no expenses! Get inspired by watching the 2019 Video HERE

African Vision Malawi started nearly 15 years ago and has made an incredible difference through providing clean water, better nutrition, education and now self-sufficiency to 40,000 of the world’s most vulnerable people in Malawi.

UNESCO through the EU STEP Program have supported AVM launch an ambitious series of training courses designed to get people out of poverty. Already over 200 people have been trained during a 4-month residential stay at Sam’s Village, as carpenters, tailors, metalworkers etc. With these skills, they are now offering invaluable services to their local community and providing their families with an income. This support ends early next year, but you can help it continue. Within 2 years this program will become self-sufficient as training organisations pay to use Sam’s Village but for now we need to fund its early stages. Your donation will help at least one person to attend a course for free and fund their training and living costs. There is a film all about Sam's Village HERE

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Thank you so much for your support.