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At Christmas give a tree to help combat climate change.

Have you ever stopped to think how amazing trees are? At the heart of many eco-systems, they also capture carbon and can prevent soil erosion. However, over the past 10,000 years the world has lost a third of its forests. Half of that loss has been in the last century. Many people are now beginning to recognise the importance of trees.

Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan environmental, social, and political activist, recognised the importance of trees over 45 years ago when she founded the Green Belt Movement. This movement is dedicated, amongst other things, to planting trees, supporting climate resilience, and empowering communities. Since the movement was founded, Kenya has begun to experience the effects of climate change, with the effects becoming more serious with every passing decade. Now, churches, schools, individuals, communities, and organisations are planting trees across the country in an ambitious reforestation plan to try to reduce the worst effects of climate change. However, the costs of tree planting can be challenging.

Can you help with our 2024 appeal to enable the planting of thousands of trees in Kenya? £5 will pay for about 20 trees to be planted, £25 will pay for about 100 trees to be planted.

Money will go directly to some of our partner organisations including the Anglican Diocese of Mbeere and Moko Sacco.


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