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Community-led water, sanitation and hygiene solutions
We are currently fundraising £1,200 to build an 17-20 thousand litre rainwater harvesting tank in a village in Kisoro, Uganda, where it will serve over 100 people. In the deep villages of Kisoro many people “suffer for water”. It is the household job of children to fetch water, and they can be seen in the hours before and after school carrying 20 litre jerry cans, as far as five miles. Over the mountainous terrain this can take hours, and is intensified during the water-stressed dry seasons of June to Aug and Dec to Jan, as many sources have dried up. Because of this many children arrive late to school, exhausted and unable to concerntrate. With your help we will be able to construct a rainwater harvesting tank to serve this community of over 100 people. All funds donated directly pays for the materials and construction. That means that any money you donate is having a direct and positive effect on someone’s life. We hope that the water tank will ease some of the water stress, and give the children of the village more time to study in school and play with friends.

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