raised of $2,000 target from 3 people

Pathfinders mission is to make camping accessible so that disabled women (18 and over) can experience the simple pleasures of camping under canvas on an idyllic campsite on the edge of Farnham in Surrey. At Pathfinders Camp, we get closer to nature, cook over wood fires, swim in the open-air pool, follow accessible trails into the woodland, maybe encounter deer, sing around the campfire, or choose to sleep out under the stars... We are encouraging everyone involved in camp (campers, helpers, crew, friends, family, PAs) to challenge themselves through the month of July - Push Your Limits for Pathfinders! The aim is to set individual challenges people want to achieve to raise money for this wonderful camp... So far we have these challenges... Completing a triathlon - Hazel Rawson... Running a park run - Laura Knowles... Yorkshire three peaks (27th July) - Laura Knowles, Emily Watson, Kim Rayner, Megan Hunt (doing full challenge), Jane PyZniuk, Dave Grosvenor, Shirley Piuzniuk, Leanne Scoynes, Charlotte Scoynes, Karen Selwood, Hazel Rawson, Caroline McIntyre Gray, Nori McIntyre Gray, Lizzy Bull (doing part of full challenge) and Sam Dunn and Mike Pumford who are providing valuable support throughout.... Hopefully more challenges to come so keep an eye out for updates!


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